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About Us

JujuBuy.com is an online Electronic Components shop specially meant for Electronics Experts, Students, Hobbyists and Enthusiasts. Located in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal India, JujuBuy.com is one of the fastest growing Online Electronics Retailers in Eastern India.

JujuBuy's registered office is at Kalyani, West Bengal. JujuBuy is founded by Ishita Majumder. Ishita is a Masters in Electronics. Electronics has been her area of expertise for years. Her husband, Prithwiraj who used to be a Software Consultant is an Electronics Hobbyist. Both of them started JujuBuy with earnest planning and enthusiasm. JujuBuy strive to become the best Electronic Components wholesaler in India.

Backed by the local Chandni Chawk Market in Kolkata, JujuBuy has the biggest and the cheapest stock online. Chandni Chawk is one of the most popular market for Electronic Components, Consumer Electronics and Technology products. JujuBuy takes the full advantage of this nearby market to enrich their stock with newest, rarest and affordable Electronics Products.