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  • LM317 Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator IC

LM317 is the most popular adjustable positive linear voltage regulator IC. Although it's an IC it looks like a transistor of TO-220 package. It has three terminals. Following is the pin diagram of the IC:

LM317 Pinout - Pin Diagram of LM317 Voltage Regulator

Symbol Parameter Value Unit
Vout 1.25  – 37 V
Vin – Vout difference 3  – 40 V
TJ Operating junction temperature range 0 – 125 °C
IO(MAX) Maximum output current 1.5 A
IL(MIN) Minimum load current 3.5 mA typical, 12 mA maximum
PD Power dissipation Internally Limited W
R?JA Thermal resistance, Junction to ambient 80 °C/W
R?JC Thermal resistance, Junction to case 5 °C/W

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LM317 Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator IC

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